About Ingredients explain what concrete mixing station In concrete mixing station ingredients work force is more than one primary thing. Due to the quality of ingredients and other projects normally determined topics. Then, things batching concrete mixing station which incident should be aware of it? About concrete mixing station batching unit calibration. In the course of the use of ingredients should be discouraged thing calibration unit. Taiwan reunification deal with the batching machine, internal concrete vibrator hose the difference specifications aggregate, material door opening degree difference in calibration factors have differences. Thus, in the aggregate change specifications and mediation material door opening, it is necessary to re-calibrate in response to the batching machine calibration coefficients. Marveled at the beginning of use, we should pay attention to the things batching machine calibration. Concrete mixing station batching unit is always connected to each dosing machine specifications equal aggregate. Different aggregate sizes, etc. will not only affect confuse gradation bumps, and will seriously affect the functioning of mixed material. Thus enhancing stockpile management should be harsh, preparedness generating mix; at the same time, the loader hands should be careful operation, Preparedness produce mixed positions. Concrete mixing station before the start, press the "Power warning" button to show alarm, the outdoor electric bell several times, and determine when there will be no re-boot of injury, also may be warned through loudspeakers. Normal production, occasional urgent environment can also be warned by this style pattern. Stabilized soil mixing equipment out of the confusion material mini concrete pump for fine aggregate(a port () ratio and moisture content, can be held to determine the sampling elucidation initiatives, and then based on the results stated, again for each batching machine and water flow hold accurate mediation. When the concrete mixing plant set up equipment, furnishings put into normal operation, shall be equipped with three skilled staff, one person in the console hard to set the device to place the entire operation of the manipulator, the other two hold equipment operating situation, rationing of materials and feeding status Inspection of things, and for the guarantee of belt run at any time to monitor and adjust. Subject invention manipulate real-time harmony care staff to handle or hold down the disposal punishment. Advantages concrete mixing station batching machine Concrete mixing station with multiple parts, each part represents a different use directions, today Weifang City Bate Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. to introduce you to the advantages on concrete mixing station batching machine. The overall structure is reasonable, stiffness strong and beautiful, with excellent performance electronic weighing system, to further improve the accuracy of the weighing; weighing four kinds of portable diesel engine concrete pump aggregate simultaneously, measurement time is short, high efficiency; belt head with a block material cover, effectively prevent the spilled material ;; tail has a screw tensioning device, you can always adjust the belt tension, quick and easy; the side wall of sand and sand hopper bin, and are equipped with a vibrator, conducive to the rapid weighing and rapid discharge.